Dimensional Gages

Dimensional Gage and calibration services, including tool calibration and gauge calibration, are performed by the calibration lab at Los Angeles Calibration. Our leading, full-service calibration and repair have the credentials and services to assure your measuring hand tools and instruments operate precisely and efficiently. Los Angeles Calibration repairs and calibrates Dimensional gages including Mituotyo, Federal, Starrett, Brown & Sharp, and many more.

The full spectrum of our capabilities include: Angle Gage, Bench Center, Black Flow Meter , Black Flow Test Kits, Bore Gage, CMM, Caliper, Center Gage, Chamfer/Countersink Gage, Crimping Tools, Dead Weight Tester, Density Meter Calibration, Depth Gage (Digital & Dial), Durometer, Durometer Test Standard, Feeler Gage, Flow Meter, Force Gage, Force Tension Gage, Gage Blocks, Gear/Thread Wire, Hardness Tester, Height Gage, Height Master, Level – Precision, Mass Calibration, Micrometer/Vernier, Mikemaster, Parallel Bar, Pi Tape, Pin Gage, Planeness Gauge, Plug Gage, Pneumatic Screw Gun, Pressure Gauge, Protractor, Radius Gage, Ring Gage, Rule – Steel & Wyteface, Screw Pitch Gage, Setting Master Disc, Sine Bar, Snap Gage, Surface Finish Gage, Surface Plate/Granite Table, Tape Measure, Telescopic Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Tensile Tester, Thickness Gauge, Torque Wrench/Meter, Vacuum Gage, “V” Blocks

Gauge Calibration Services:
Los Angeles Calibration provides gauge calibration as well as servicing in the State of California through our calibration facility. Los Angeles Calibration is a leader in the industry delivering consistent focus on detail and customer satisfaction. We recognize that accurate and precise pressure specifications are crucial to all customers’ in-process safety as well as management efficiency which means that our company suitable to satisfy every one of your gauge calibration requirements. Our company’s rates as well completion schedules are reasonably competitive not to mention our company’s superior quality and skills are unequaled.

At Los Angeles Calibration, we calibrate and repair a variety of gauges – from analog to digital gauges, and also other forms of gauges including pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, transducers and transmitters, pressure calibrators, pressure calibrators, barometers, chart recorders, manometers, center gauges, feeler gauges, dead weight testers, and much more. Our skilled techs will identify the precision of the particular gauge by computing an established standard master traceable, in the United States, to the National Institute of Standards and Technology or similar international organizations. The calibration process is conducted by |adhering to a menu of test procedures intended for specific instruments. The concept is to complete the computing operation in conditions as close to ideal as an achievable guarantee that the readings show the actual accuracy and consistency of the gauge and are not attributable to intervening factors. When assessing a gauge, we conduct rising pressure tests and falling pressure tests. This demonstrates your gauge accurately measures increases along with} decreases in pressure.

Los Angeles Calibration renders calibration and certification for a variety of gauges, including specialty instruments. Los Angeles Calibration furthermore delivers certificates for gauges, and all equipment calibrated and certified by Gage-It is traceable to N.I.S.T. As with every sensitive measuring instrument, it is required by law that each instrument be calibrated and continually be in an operating state; therefore, periodic re-calibration is actively encouraged.