Los Angeles Calibration Service Rental division provides rental options on various scales and weighing equipment nationwide. Whether you want to make piece counting, pricing, weighing pallets and trucks, chances that we carry what you need is without a doubt at our disposal. We communicate your needs thoroughly to assess what solution best fit your application, you will rent the equipment in any duration you would like to hold on to, and you will get it fast! Combined with our professional before and after-service consultation and years of experience we will provide an ongoing service throughout the rental period so you can have the best rental experience with us. You also have a chance to own the equipment if you found it is what you looking for the longer term.

Our Rental Service:

  • Rent by days, weeks, months or longer
  • Rental from small balances to truck scales and axel scales.
  • Single & dual platform scale for piece counting
  • wheel weighers or axle load scale rental
  • Reel counter
  • Certified test weights for verifying the right weights
  • Optional battery operation
  • Operation portability cart
  • On-site training
  • certificate of calibration upon request
  • Professional delivery and setup and ongoing support
  • Rent to own option
  • bi-lingual operation instructions

Rental include delivery, setup, training & pickup.

Call (310)538-3018 for all your rental equipment.


Complete Truck/Axle Scale Systems with delivery and pickup