Heavy-Duty Truck Scale

Heavy-Duty Truck Scale

Heavy-Duty Truck Scale



> Massive 100 ton capacity (150% overload protection)
> Extremely heavy duty with incredible steel weight
> Interlocking platform for easy one-day installation

  • 100 ton capacity (plus 150% overload protection
  • 50 ton CLC rating



  • Open Bottom Orthotropic Design forms a super strong low deflection corrosion resistan deck
  • Massive 100 ton capacity (plus 150% overload protection), 50 ton CLC rating, far exceeding most state max limits
  • Extremely heavy duty with incredible steel weight – 70′ x 11′ has 33,000 lbs of steel
  • Quadruple Platform System (4 platforms) sets it apart from the normal Triple platform, providing faster and more accurate individual tandem axle weights than competing models
  • 2/5″ (10mm) thick diamond deck plate, thicker than 3/8″ of the industry’s heavy duty standard
  • Innovative self-centering double ended load cell suspension allows the scale to move without damage during normal operations, while always returning the scale to the same exact location
  • Interlocking platform design for easy one-day installation
  • Stainless steel NEMA4X junction box with surge protection located in the scale
  • Grounding wire configuration protects the system from lightning penetration
  • Durable baked-on, anti-corrosion powder paint gives the scale the long-lasting appearance



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