Warrior Washdown Scales

Warrior Washdown Scales

Adam Warrior Washdown Scales

Warrior Washdown Scales


Warrior scales meet the demands of tough wash-down and cleanroom environments. Solid stainless steel construction of the base and indicator provide rugged durability.


Features Applications
6 Weighing units (kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz, Newtons) Weighing
Colour coded keys Parts counting
Hold function Check weighing
Capacity tracker Animal / dynamic weighing
Grade 304 stainless steel construction
IP66-rated indicator and IP67-rated load cell for wash-down and dust protection
External calibration
RS-232 interface
Rechargeable battery up to 90 hours operation

Technical Specifications

Model WSK 16a WSK 35a WSK 70a WBK 70a WBK 165a WFK 165a WFK 330a WLK 330a
Maximum capacity 16lb 35lb 70lb 165lb 330lb
Readability 0.001lb 0.002lb 0.005lb 0.01lb 0.02lb
Typical stabilisation time 2-3 Sec
Pan size 9.8×9.8″ / 250×250mm 11.8×15.7″ / 300×400mm 15.7×19.7″ / 400×500mm 17.7×23.6″ / 450×600mm
Net weight 13.2lb 19.8lb 28.6lb 41.8lb

General Specifications

Operating temperature 32°F-104°F
Power supply 12vDC 800mA adapter or rechargeable battery (6v 4.5Ah battery)
Dimensions notes WSK 16a-70a: 9.8 x 13.6 x 20.9″ WBK 70a-165a: 11.8 x 19.7


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